Going Back to a Smooth Face

You don’t really feel old until you start noticing the signs that you’re aging. People usually start to notice gray hairs, their vision gets worse, and they notice that they can’t move as fast as they used to in their younger years. The most notable sign for me was the wrinkles that were appearing on my face. As each one popped up, I felt that I was turning into a wrinkly old raisin. I wanted the wrinkles gone as soon as possible so I looked for a place that does cosmetic dermatology in Austin TX to get rid of them.

I was expecting the dermatologist to tell me that I would have to get botox, but I learned that this wasn’t the only treatment available for getting rid of wrinkles. There were laser treatments, chemical peels, and acid based fillers that could also do the job. Some treatments work better than others, depending on the skin type. I just let the dermatologist determine which treatment was the best one for me and went along with it. I was prepared to pay any cost to get rid of the wrinkles, but the treatment I was given wasn’t even that costly.

The treatment was like stepping into the fountain of youth for me. My skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I didn’t even care that I would have to eventually get the treatment again, because it was so easy to get rid of the wrinkles. If I had desperately tried to use some kind of over the counter wrinkle cream, it would have probably taken me a long time to get rid of the wrinkles, or maybe not at all. When I look in the mirror now, all I see is a smooth face with some strands of gray hair, which I can dye black.